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Sometimes things don't go as you planned and that's a bummer, a real bummer even.

Belangrijke mededeling

29 September 2022

Sometimes things don’t go as you planned and that’s a bummer, a real bummer even. But sometimes you discover that things don’t want to work and then it is an art to do something about it, no matter how annoying that is.
I have been an entrepreneur all my life and I am at home in various markets. Since the late 1980s I have been involved in various software and IT projects. First in the field of digital music, later it became broader. I started programming from my first home computer, a Sinclaire spectrum, and I still do that.
Since 2009, I have focused full-time on developing software applications. This led to projects such as BeeldKanaal and PARTS-PIM.

In 2018, Jeroen Verhoeven and the undersigned started a joint adventure within WebPixels. Entrepreneurship is not easy and the responsibility is sometimes heavy. For some, it is even so heavy that you develop health problems. And that is a clear limit. After 3.5 years we had to decide that the joint adventure ends.

It has been decided that Go4Digital will be dissolved as of October 1. All current affairs, subscriptions and support are handled by my personal company, TEF Digitaal BV.
Jeroen Verhoeven will enjoy a well-deserved holiday in the first week of October and will then continue to work for TEF Digitaal and its customers for a few days a week in the coming months. He will also continue to support the organization with various activities, for which we are extremely grateful.

We further hope for constructive cooperation with all our relations, whom we will continue to assist with the same enthusiasm and energy that you expect from us.

With kind regards,

Bas Meuwsen
Founder & CEO TEF Beheer BV.

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