Support – Service

We then go through the procedures together with the customer to see what the problem is, then we will test internally.

Support, helpdesk of service. How does that work?

Do you need support, do you have a question or do you want to outsource work? Everything is possible!

Modular thinking is a must for us!
At TEF Digitaal we know what is going on. This means that our service is tailored to this, which cannot be otherwise because so many people means so many wishes and that is certainly a fact in our market.

How does our helpdesk work?

It is understandable that when requesting assistance, we always first refer to the help pages with “frequently asked questions”. If it turns out that the specific question cannot be found there or is not described clearly enough, the helpdesk will take action. We will then go through the procedures together with the customer to see what the problem is, then we will test internally to see if we can repeat your problem. Then the following outcomes are possible:

  • We are experiencing a processing error. You are working enthusiastically in our software, but we have noticed that you have not set up or entered a number of things correctly. We will then contact you to walk you through the process together.
  • We are dealing with a bug. However much we regret this, it may happen that a processing procedure within the program detects or even creates an error. We will then contact you to indicate that our IT department will resolve the problem as quickly as possible and we will start working on it immediately. If it has been resolved and we have been able to test it properly, we will contact you again to inform you that the problem has been resolved.
  • It turns out that you want things within the software that are not or not yet possible! It may happen that you encounter issues that you would like to see within the software package. We will investigate the possibilities of including this in a next update of the program. A roadmap will then be created.

We are available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by telephone or via on working days to answer questions and to carry out work (on assignment). The above procedure shows that we listen carefully to your ideas and comments! With this valuable feedback, we build the PARTS Method together and improve our software every day so that it becomes even more user-friendly and easier to use. As previously indicated, our helpdesk can be reached on working days by telephone on +31 (0)85 060 1195 or by e-mail at


Despite the fact that our programs are easy to connect, especially via the APIcenter, customization may still be required. We can easily provide customization, which we can activate as plug-ins within your software. Of course, we will discuss this thoroughly in advance and you will receive a clear quotation from us with an action plan and implementation process, so you will never be faced with any surprises and everything is clear from the start.

very normal, right?