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We are TEF Digital (part of TEF Beheer BV) supply and develop various reliable, user-friendly and smart online applications.

Professional cooperation and a lot of experience!

Collaborating with TEF Digitaal means collaborating with professionals who are committed to providing solutions!

WebPixels was founded in July 2009 by Bas Meuwsen. The aim of the new company is to create web solutions, especially for SMEs and various non-profit organizations.

The narrowcasting system Beeldkanaal was developed that year together with students from TU Delft. A system with which companies and organizations could easily manage their own TV program for the store, waiting room, etc. themselves. We also worked hard on our own CMS system under the name Compleet:CMS. This allowed companies and organizations to easily manage their own website and/or webshop. Compleet:CMS has now been further developed into the eComplete customer portal especially for WordPress WooCommerce.

The development of a PIM system started in 2014. The aim was/is to give companies a central place where they can digitize and manage product data. From the PIM, the data can easily be transferred to a large number of ERP programs, data pools, web shops, etc.

2019 was also the time to make WebPixels BV an official partner of, among others, 2BA, Ketenstandard, Exact, Unit4, etc. This allowed us to coordinate data flows and external integrations even better with our software packages.

From September 1, 2022, we will continue to operate under the new name TEF Digitaal, this name better reflects what we stand for as a company.

Collaborating with TEF Digitaal means collaborating with professionals who are committed to providing solutions!

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In the Netherlands we specialize in water management. Especially now that we are increasingly confronted with the effects of climate change, we as a Lageland need to develop further to keep our heads above water. And we will succeed because we have proven that for centuries.

It is the same with the digital waves. They become more intense, higher and sometimes even unpredictable. Just like the dike builders, we build digital dams to control these digital waves just like the water. Every day we will improve, develop and discover ourselves. For many years we have not sailed with the currents, but we ensure that they can be controlled and used, that is what makes us so exceptional.

Bas Meuwsen
Founder & CEO TEF Beheer BV

Timeline TEF Beheer BV

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We are the builders of various platforms. For more than 15 years, we have offered a range of solutions that will help you organize, send, display and secure your (company) information.
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