Our services

Our services ensure that you are taken care of in all areas. We take everything off your hands and ensure that everything is handled professionally.

Your website, webshop or B2B portal, It always starts with creativity!

You may not have known that we are more than just a software company. But we really do more, to develop software a beautiful and user-friendly design is a must. Our creative people are therefore ready to create a beautiful and functional website and/or webshop. That’s great, everything under one roof.

Modular thinking is a must for us!

Automate: Is that science fiction?

Who doesn’t know it, “Beam me up, Scotty” from the Star Trek series. A series that takes place in the future, sometimes realistic and sometimes far away from reality. At TEF Digitaal we also deal with automation on a daily basis. And is that science fiction or realistic? I must honestly admit that sometimes questions asked by customers are far removed from reality and are quickly labeled as science fiction.

Support, helpdesk or service. How does that work? Do you need support, have a question or want to outsource work? Everything is possible!

At TEF Digitaal we know what is going on. This means that our service is tailored to this, which cannot be otherwise because so many people means so many wishes and that is certainly a fact in our market.

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