PartsPIM! For Who?

Do you, as a management, need a PartsPIM system for your daily work? No, not really. But you want to make your organization future-proof. PartsPIM will help increase your ROI in the long term.

PartsPIM will pay for itself in no time!

Below we give you a number of reasons why!

Do you, as a management, need a PartsPIM system for your daily work? No, not really. But you want to make your organization future-proof. PartsPIM will help increase your ROI in the long term.

As a CEO or CFO, you know that return on investment (ROI) is or will become a very important pillar within your organization. Starting with PartsPIM is a relatively small investment, but we understand that you look at it critically before starting with new software.

Fortunately, we know that using PartsPIM will pay for itself in no time. Below we give you a number of reasons why!

Quickly increase your ROI.

You probably want more return from your revenues, which is why it is important to increase the RIO, which will also reduce costs. Introduce PartsPIM within your organization, so you can import, manage, enrich and link your product range faster and much easier to the various sales channels. This involves saving a lot of time because the product data is available always and everywhere, this way you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Time-saving automation of data processing!

With PartsPIM you have all your product data centrally stored and managed there. Due to the multiple linking options, it is no longer necessary to adjust them manually. If you are also connected to data pools, you have the advantage that the data will always be imported and/or exported in the correct format. You can also give various rights to the users, so that, for example, a translator only sees the correct product data for editing.

Reducing failure costs!

If all product information is correct, we know from experience that the chance of failure costs due to errors will be much smaller. Furthermore, PartsPIM ensures that your customers can always find up-to-date product information on, for example, your webshop or B2B portal.

Happy employees.

You will experience, like all those other PartsPIM customers who came before you, that not only your customers will be satisfied, but also your employees. They will spend much less time manually maintaining and processing product information. They do not have to copy and paste product data from the manufacturer every time, for example. Your employees will work much more efficiently, which in turn has a direct impact on your turnover. This pleasant way of working will also increase the chance that your employees will remain involved in your organization for longer and will not have to recruit and train new employees every time.

PartsPIM is also ideal for:

Sales & Marketing teams: In a competitive market, it is very important that consumers are provided with comprehensive and updated product information. Not just for a webshop or B2B portal, but for all available sales channels. You can also quickly bring new products to the market with PartsPIM. Without PartsPIM it is really not possible, actually impossible, to keep track of rapidly changing information.

Inventory manager: You have total control and overview of the product portfolio and extensive data about each SKU. We understand that as an inventory manager you want to be able to see a direct overview of the sales stocks. No stocks are stored in PartsPIM, this is often done in a so-called ERP system. The great thing is that PartsPIM can be linked to most of these systems. This way you always have an overview of stocks and all other important product data.

Manufacturers and suppliers: Manufacturers can organize the sale of their products in various ways, such as via a webshop or webshops of partners, or via wholesalers, distributors, purchasing groups, retailers, representatives or directly to the end user. Whichever route you ultimately use, it is important that you as a manufacturer always present the correct Product Data. When your sales channels can count on well-maintained product information, including available standards such as ETIM and GS1. PartsPIM helps with this, because all the necessary standards and classifications are present within the program.

Wholesalers: As a wholesaler you often have many products in your range from different suppliers. And because these ranges change regularly, it is very important that you do not lose an overview of the available products. It is also possible to easily import product information from the data pools, so you always have good quality data at your disposal.

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