Beeldkanaal! For Who?

It doesn't matter which industry you are active in, we have a narrowcasting solution for every company.

Beeldkanaal ensures that your message stands out

It remains a matter, how do you attract the attention of your employees or visitors?

With Beeldkanaal you have a super-smart digital signage solution. Showing information to customers or staff via screens. Its power lies in good content that is well tailored to your target group. We are good at that, not only do we ensure that everything is technically and practically in order, we think along with you in a target group-oriented manner and ensure that everything is delivered tailor-made.

Your target group is the starting point when developing your narrowcasting solution. Every industry requires a different approach and tailored content. With our more than 15 years of experience, we have good solutions for almost every industry.

Education: In recent years, a lot has happened in education in the field of digital visual communication, making narrowcasting from Beeldkanaal indispensable. Therefore, quickly replace the old-fashioned notice board and use Video Channel screens to inform students and teachers in real time.

Healthcare: For hospitals, general practices, pharmacies or other healthcare institutions, narrowcasting from Beeldkanaal is the ideal way to distribute important information. Consider, for example, current waiting times, important announcements, meeting room reservations or other animations or videos.

Libraries: Narrowcasting from Beeldkanaal for libraries? You don’t expect it so quickly in a place with many books. Nevertheless, narrowcasting screens are very suitable for effectively communicating new books, upcoming events, book reviews or simply the opening hours of the library.

Catering: The use of Beeldkanaal narrowcasting screens in your catering facility: it is almost indispensable. You decide where the Beeldkanaal screens will be placed and of course what is shown. At the touch of a button you can easily and quickly adjust your content so that customers are always informed.

Retail: In a busy retail environment, it is unlikely that you will have time to speak to every customer. Recognizable? Then let the Beeldkanaal narrowcasting screens do the initial introduction to put customers at ease.

Internal: Narrowcasting from Beeldkanaal for internal communication is becoming increasingly popular to keep all staff informed of the latest developments within the organization. The screens are installed in strategic places: from the coffee machine to the main entrance, the canteen or the workshop.

Transport: For public transport organizations, the focus is on improving customer satisfaction. By using Beeldkanaal narrowcasting screens, you can always keep travelers informed of the current timetable and provide entertainment.

Associations: More and more (sports) associations, sports clubs or fitness centers are choosing the countless options of Beeldkanaal narrowcasting screens to improve communication. It is the best way to provide your members and visitors with the most up-to-date data.

Automotive: The latest model, new features, great offers or special intro days for the favorite car model in your business? With Beeldkanaal narrowcasting screens you communicate a complete brand experience that provides added value for every visitor.

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