Narrowcasting as it was meant to be! With Beeldkanaal you can visualize your communication perfectly!

Beeldkanaal! Benefit from targeted communication via screens.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are active in, we have a narrowcasting solution for every company.

Benefit from targeted communication via screens

With Beeldkanaal you have a narrowcasting solution to distribute targeted information via screens in an extremely modern and effective way. This may be information for, for example, your own employees and/or visitors. We provide the right place and the right time.

We are sure, you encounter narrowcasting every day.

It happens unconsciously, but we know for sure that you regularly receive information via narrowcasting. For example, when visiting hospitals, municipalities, companies, but nowadays also at schools and even events, these systems are often installed. Or how about advertisements on screens in the supermarket or clothing store.

Beeldkanaal ensures that you stand out with your message.

It remains a matter, how do you attract the attention of your employees or visitors? The use of screens has a high attention value. With animations on the screens you get the attention of passers-by even faster.

Control multiple screens with Image Channel.

With Beeldkanaal it is super easy to view all screens from one interface. Easily post a message on one or more screens. With the help of channels you determine which content should be shown where.

A healthy portion of Hoeksche Waard sobriety

Deal is a deal. We deliver according to the schedule we have coordinated for you, which is self-evident to us. We continue to innovate and look for new solutions, which ensures that Beeldkanaal has been and remains a dynamic product for so long.

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